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AbdulRahman Miskofe Magiagi

AbdulRahman Miskofe Magiagi

My name is AbdulRahman Misikofe Magiagi Sa'ologa Tamanui O Te Ra Michael Tia.

My Father is from Western Samoa a Matai of two villages.

My Mother is Tangata whenua from Ngati Kauwhata of high status too.

Both my parents and I are first born, eldest in our families.

Life before Islam.
Both my parents are very religious. My dad from the Pacific Island church.

My mum was a seeker exploring different religions, Christianity, Roman Catholic, Mormon a Gypsy, a believer in search for the truth.

Myself, I was like my mum, until I found my path in Christianity at the age of 13.

I was brought up in Otara, South Auckland before it became what it is today, disunity.

As I grew in the Pentecostal movement, I did my training in Bible College for three years and as a correspondent.

It was then in Bible College, I saw things differently. As if the gap in my life was still unfilled.

I became a Pastor and Evangelist teacher of my faith. Preaching the teachings of the Gospel in South Auckland.

I started to question my life choices. I felt unsatisfied and uneasy. That restlessness grew.

My first encounter with a Muslim.
As a pastor I also worked. I was a truck driver and my despatch officer was a Muslim. I had no problem with him. I respected his faith as he did mine.

My conversion.
In 1994 as a truck driver, one day I was checking my truck. I could hear this praying in the truck trailer next to mine. I quietly looked inside and saw my despatch officer praying.

I was blown away witnessing this.
I asked him questions when he finished his prayer and he answered and shared with me the teachings of Islam.

I felt the gap closing (the void in my heart). The bro invited me to the mosque.

That night I challenged Allah to give me a sign. I dreamt I was in the Mosque. I saw my bro with his brothers praying. I woke up and later spoke to the brother, "I want to come to the mosque" and he took me.
I couldn't believe it. It was exactly what I saw in the dreams including all the brothers.

My conversion.
I took my shahada and became a Muslim.
The sad part of the journey was that it only lasted a few years. The pressure with my wife (now ex wife )and the church became too much for me, so I left because I had to choose.

Things became more tough and difficult as a Pastor. I got divorced, and I gave up my job to stay home to look after my children. I moved around alot and got remarried. Again that didn't work out.

I Pastored in so many places until last year 2020, my son and

I reverted to Islam.

What I love about Islam?
Everything the cultural connection as a Muslim.

The explained Truth...and there is so much more.

How has Islam improved me as a person?
Allah never gave up on me, the submission to peace and unity. Being honest in all things, disciplined, praying 5 times a day..

The freedom from the oppression of this colonization.
Since I've been a Muslim, I see my path more clearly.

My family likes my changes.
If only my parents were alive. They would be proud of me and would have supported me. I am sure they would have converted too.

My siblings and other whanau members respect me as I respect them.

As a Māori Polynesian Muslim what challenges have you faced?
I have faced challenges with the Churches.

Even racist remarks from the public too "Go back to your country!"

I call back at them, "I'm Tangata whenua" and that they are the foreigners, lol.

Thank you for reading my story.

May Allah keep us all strong. MashAllah 

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