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Assalamualaikum and Kia ora

I am Georgina Jack'Kino,

I am 22.

Mums iwi-tribe is -te whanau Apanui.

Dad's iwi-tribe is Ngati Paoa.


Life before Islam.

Normal Maori getting into mischief. I was a rebel,  outcast, hanging out with the wrong crowds.

I come from a Christian 

back ground. I had a lot of questions that couldn't be answered.


My first encounter with a Muslim.

Coming to Australia I worked at a chicken factory. There's an old man that used to talk to me about Islam, as I was curious, and asked questions.

He also gave me a Quran.


My Co workers were also Muslim so I hung out with them on lunch breaks, as I was also trying to give up smoking.


My Conversion.

I read the Quran and did my own research about Islam. 

I knew who is my Creator, my purpose and everything is clear what to do, and what not to do. 


I wanted to change my ways, and Islam helped me do that.  Two years of being exposed to Muslims and Islam, I said the Shahada at the Mosque in  2019. My friends were their to support me.


When I said my Shahada I was relieved and shocked, as this was a big step for me, and it was life changing.


What do I love about Islam?

 It's more simple, it gives a set of rules of how to live your life. You just worship one God. The simple good things you do you see the rewards. 

I like that the Muslim community is so diverse, there are different ethnicities and its very chilled.


How has Islam improved me as person? 

Entirely from the way I dress, to the way I act, with family and friends. 

I am watchful how I act as I never thought about it before, even how I speak is better.


My family likes my changes.

Yes they do, my dad saw me feeding the homeless at the petrol station and he said to my mum "look at our daughter, from hoodlim to Muslim".


As a Maori Polynesian Muslim what challenges I have faced?

I get treated the same from our Maori, Im just a Maori that's Muslim. 

As for myself I have to be more mindful of  how to act in a halal way, as it's easy to incline back to your old speaking habits.

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