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Bonnie Ibrahim

Bonnie Ibrahim


Ko Rahiri me toku Tupuna

Rahiri is my ancestor

Ko Mamari toku Waka

Mamari is my canoe

Ko Whakatere toku Maunga

Whakatere is my Mountain

Ko Waima toku Awa

Waima is my river

Ko Tuhirangi toku Marae

Tuhirangi is my Marae

Ko Te Mahurehure toku Hapu

Mahurehure is my meeting house

Ko Hokianga toku Rohe

Hokianga is my district

Ko Ngapuhi toku Iwi

Ngapuhi is my tribe

Ko Bonnie Ibrahim Taku Ingoa

My name is Bonnie Ibrahim

Life before Islam.

When I was 29 I was working in England. My friend and I decided to go backpacking. We packed up and toured Europe and the Middle East.

We backpacked through Lebanon, Syria, Jordon, Israel, Turkey and Egypt- where I met my husband.

My first encounter with a Muslim

The Athan in Turkey was my first introduction to Islam.

My husband was my first encounter with a Muslim. There was an instant connection between us and we did our Nikka Islamic Marriage 6 weeks after meeting each other.

My husband didn't mind that I wasn't Muslim he said as long as you believe in God that's all that matters.

I went back to England to sort out some business affairs then returned back to Egypt.

My Conversion.

One month after our Nikka, I fell pregnant with twins.

We decided to move to New Zealand as it had better health care.

A year later I did my Shahada.

What do I love about Islam?

I love everything, the serenity the lifestyle, the knowledge. There are too many things, to mention, and it's beautiful, it's a journey.

I love that family life in Islam doesn't revolve around alcohol or drugs. It's a good life for everyone.

How has Islam improved me as a person?

Initially, I believed in God, so transitioning to Islam was not difficult. The improvements were that I gave up drinking smoking and pork.

Now I have guidance a clear path and I'm content.

My family likes my changes.

My parents have always been loving and supportive of me.

As a Maori Muslim what challenges you have faced?

Dealing with the negative stigma of Muslims since 911 has been challenging, and having to bear the medias constant attack is tiresome.

The challenges have been external from non- Muslims.


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