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Sidra Nijah Kaui Asghar

Sidra Nijah Kaui Asghar

inspirational story from our Maori sister,

holding the Maori flag.....


Assalamualaikum. Brothers and sisters.

Go to Hajj with an open heart and mind. Leave your politics aside, as you are going there for Allah's sake and He will make it easy for you, inshallah.

It was a spiritual and emotional journey, even though I didn't feel my knowledge and Ibadah, (worship) was enough.

I took a wrong turn looking for the bathroom and ended up in the room of the Imam of Mecca, who spoke and counselled me. He said, Allah had called me here to give me more knowledge and to increase my faith. That my being there is a testament to a pure heart.

If I had listened to people back home saying my knowledge was not enough I would have discouraged myself from going.

The atmosphere there is amazing. You are one people. Everyone is smiling and giving salam.

There's true brotherhood and sisterhood.

It dosn't matter what colour or nationality you are. We are all Allah's servants, gathered to seek his pleasure and mercy. Theres no judgement, no gossiping, people are focused on their worship and focused on their connection with Allah. Everything else is forgotten.

In Medina I had a spiritual awakening. I would cry for no reason, tears would unleash and flow. I felt like I was home. I can't describe the feeling.

Mecca was hectic very rushed crowded and hot.

On Mount Arafat I sat and made dua for our Umma and for our Maori people. I overheard the dua's of others and they were so deeply said from the core of the soul, that it gave me shivers.

I tried to concentrate on my duas but my mouth couldn't say what I needed to say.

But I could hear my heart and my thoughts speaking.

They had their own voice.

Subhanallah! It reminded me of the judgement day, when we won't be speaking. Our organs and limbs will give account to our deeds and actions here on earth.

On Mount Arafat, I closed my eyes. For a while, I felt as if my soul was being ripped through my body. I got scared and thought, no! I dont want to die here. I want to go back to my family.

That shook me up, but Alhumdulilah, I came home ok.

In closing, I am so glad I went. I saw historical places. I was connecting the stories to the places.

If I had the chance to go again I would definitely go because you feel closer to Allah.

The 5 times prayers came easy there. Back home the world gets in the way. May Allah swt accept from us all. Ameen."



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