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Teremoana Rouro

My name is Teremoana Rouro, now Ahmed Roruo.
l am from the Cook Islands and moved to NZ 30 years ago.
I have 6 kids, all grown up, working and studying.

Life before Islam.
I was into drinking and partying. I had no real goal in life so I started thinking and searching for the real purpose and Allah swt guided me to Islam.

My first encounter with a Muslim.
My neighbour was the first Muslim I met. They were kind and happy most of the time. I saw them and wear full dress which looked nice.

My Conversion.
The company I work for had 2 Muslim workers from Fiji, who became my friends.

I use to see them when it was prayer time. They would stop whatever they were doing and start making ablution and prayed. They never missed a prayer. I was amazed at how faithful they were.

So that's when I started looking and learning about Islam.

After 2 years, I started in another company my employer was Muslim brother from Afghanistan.

He was amazed at how much I all ready knew about the Deen and suggested if I was ready, to take the shahada. I said yes, l am. So without any delay I took my shahada and have been welcomed by everyone ever since.

What do I love about Islam?
I love the sincerity and devotion to the one true God- Allah.

How has Islam improved you as a person?
It has helped me change from bad habits, reflect and awakened my senses.

My family likes my changes.
Yes they do . They see the changes in me and they quite like it as I am, not grumpy anymore .

As a Maori Polynesian Muslim what challenges have you faced?
The one challenge I had to face earlier was loneliness, but alhamdulilah thats not a problem anymore as l am always welcomed and invited to friends place during Ramadhan iftaars and Eid celebration. 

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